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Sep. 19th, 2008


Some news!

Well it turns out that I am pregnant! I cna't believe it and after two years of trying we are finally going to have another little one. I took a test last Sunday since I was having heartburn and I was a little bit late. And it instantly turned positive. Thursday I went to the doctor and they confirmed it. Today I also have another doctor appointment and I am very excited.

Sep. 12th, 2008

lenore devil

Thank goodness it is Friday!

Horray it is Friday! Today P* has his first eye doctor's appointment and I am noticing more and more each day on how much of a "big boy" he is becoming.  He even has his first girlfriend in preschool. Yes! Preschool. I can't believe it. Surprisingly the day is going by relatively quickly and I am grateful that I have this job since it has opened up lots more job opportunities for me when we move back to Florida. I am unsure if I mentioned this yesterday however the other night we went out to have dinner with M*'s mom. She too is apparently thinking of moving to Florida to be closer to the parents and she was attempting to have M* and I move down to the Tampa area instead of where my parents are located. Thankfully M* laughed and stated that Tampa was even more expensive than here and we would just be going backwards instead of attempting to move forward. Pensacola is where I want to be and Pensacola is where we are going to be since we both all ready discussed this and agreed.
  On to other news, M* is trying to be a nice guy and he is going to sell the old Honda Accord to his friend M* in order for the extra money and to get it out of our driveway. Which I all ready know that selling things to either friends or family is usually a BAD (REALLY BAD) idea. But M* wants to be a good guy, Thankfully he listed to my advice and he is typing up a contract for total amount and payment agreements so that IF his friend doesn't pay we will be able to get the car back.
   Work seems to be looking better since supposedly the new girl is going to start in two weeks however I am afraid of my gut feeling. I am worried that she is not going to be a good fit since she was late the her sit in with me however I was so desperate at the time to get help I think I over looked that. 
   Played WOW last night and finally hit 43 which makes me very happy. M* should be almost 70 if not at the end of this month but possibly in October.
   Signed up for the HF Halloween swap so I am looking forward to that and I really need to get P* his Halloween costume soon so that we will all ready have it and not have to scramble around at the last minute for it. Oh! I need to go to the power bill website and extend the payment.Until next time!

Sep. 9th, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Financial woes and other drama

   M* informed me this weekend that if we go bust that we might as well move to Florida a bit sooner. While I knew that things had been rough since we got back from visiting the parents it appears that while we are managing to pay the bills we are not able to save anything. I am horribly depressed over the money issue however I can't help but be a tad excited with the aspect of moving to Florida sooner. I am not sure how we will be able to work things out but I am hoping that things will work out for the best. Money will be tight this coming two weeks since I missed a couple of days from work with Julian being sick and my paycheck was under $500 due to the lack of sick time. Attempted to put in braid extensions this weekend but got so disgusted with the issue of them sliding down that I took them out. I am going to make some harlequin dreads with them and just curl them and install. Things are finally coming around full circle for J* at work. All of her backstabbing and drama is starting to show in her numbers and the lack of enthusiasm in order to keep patients from switching to other companies. Well I best get back to work and attempt to make some money. Until next time...

Aug. 27th, 2008

emperor new groove


 I often wonder why when on things goes wrong at work everything seems to go to hell in a hand basket? Work has been keeping me pretty busy and I haven't had much time to post but it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The girl who sat in with me today looks like a real viable candidate for the CSR position that desperately needs to be filled in this center. SO that is at least one small thing.

Problems with S* are still boiling under the surface. She is wanting gas money for taking P* to swimming lessons and is being demanding with money currently, I am sure that M* is wondering if she is worth the headache of giving her a little cash under the table in order to help her with her finances and helping him enter in information at work. She is becoming more and more of a pain and completely unreliable. We had to take the dogs camping since she would be completely incapable of getting her lazy ass out of bed in order to let them out in the morning. Which she stated during our vacation so we had to find a dog sitter to look after them.

Camping was an interesting experience to say the least. I seem to love the wilderness and being outside right until P* gets dirty and everything is covered in dirt. Which usually takes about 2 hours then I am ready to get back to civilization with running water for showers and there is a low chance that I would be abducted by bigfoot. N and T* were not able to come with us for camping so it was a small family excursion out into the wild where there was a flushing toilet (requirement since I DO NOT poop or pee in the woods). P* had lots of fun and while both dogs were freaked out with their wilderness adventure. Our boxer has no animal instincts and is completely domesticated with the proof that he did not snuggle with his sister at night on the nice warm bed that we provided for them and chose to freeze pressed up close next to us until M* took pity on him and turned on the heater in our grand tent. After P* went to bed M* and I stayed up playing Skip-bo and drinking until it got too cold and we went inside the tent and snuggled down for the night. P* has no interest in Smores but loves to roast the marshmallows and doesn't want to eat them.

Well there is a lot more things to do at work so I must get back to it....

Aug. 20th, 2008


Countdown until the wild...

  Another interesting day at the hellish existence of my office life, it is customer complaint day and everyone is pissed off about something and lucky me I get to hear about it.  Tomorrow I get to sit with two new potentials to see if I will get along with them in the office. Boss man should be here and I am interested to see how much work he is going to get done that day. But I have two more days until I am kidnapped and thrown out into the wild. M* and P* are looking forward to it and I am excited that N&T* are going to come out and visit with us up there. HOWEVER I am not looking forward to the lack of showers and the horrible airmattress which always tends to deflate by the morning. We are taking the dogs with us since M* and his mom are not on speaking terms and she usually watches our dogs for us on our yearly camping trip.  I am having daydreams here at work of Bigfoot or a pack of wild bears carrying me or my toddler off into the wilderness while my two dogs just sit there and watch. 
    Last night we watched the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and it was a really good movie. I am getting a little weepy eyed here just thinking about it. While my online journal is going really good I am lacking both in the field of writing in my physical journal at home and of course my writing as well. I am hearing the calls of the old ones again.But of course most of my books are packed away and I am being horribly lazy lately. 
   I was pondering what I was going to leave behind for P*. I know that I am a good mother and that I love him very much but I want to do something that will make him proud to say that he is my son. So that should also be my motivation for writing. And he is also my motivation for the interest in my spirituality again. I feel like I am floating around in a dream world and there are so many things that are intangible to me since I am in this ghost like getting by day after day state.  Perhaps on Halloween or Yule I will do a reaffirmation to the Gods. I will need to find someplace for my altar that P* can't get into. 
   I am becoming more and more interested in the RP side of WOW and I have made a few alts so that I can hop on an experience. Like any good nerd I enjoy a good RP game however I have never experienced in a MMORPG before so to be completely honest I am a little nervous.Perhaps I will try it out a bit on Thursday night after working on playing my main and leveling her up a bit. Well I better get back to work, I have been a complete slacker all day today.

Aug. 15th, 2008

emperor new groove

Horray it is FRIDAY!

  I am thrilled that it is finally Friday, my head is killing me and I am tired of the weekly chaos that drives this office.  I am amused with how the universe works since every time I even attempt to get on the phone, the other line automatically rings. O.o Lately I haven't been able to do much of anything since I have a horrible lack of energy. Last night I even went to bed before 9:30. So it appears that work has been taking its toll on me. Surprisingly enough J* spoke with the sales manager about my current predicament and the sales manager is going to force the operations manager to sit down and help me for a day. He doesn't get to hide in his office and talk on the phone like he does every time he is here and leave at two when he arrives at eleven. I have the itch to play WOW tonight however I may have to kick M* off the computer. Perhaps we will be able to finish the last of our movie and then after that I can hamstring him before he makes a mad dash to the computer room.  I need to get the old laptop out so that I have something to write on, since our main computer now is the source of our Warcraft addiction. While in the midsts of my slacking at work today I noticed that my beloved HH board is down now I can't lurk to my hearts content while awaiting the approval of the admin, =(  I have also joined more communities here on LJ and perhaps I will find the perfect fit and maybe *crosses fingers* find a writers group that will help motivate me with my writing. 
    I am also hearing the call of my spirituality that I have too long placed on the back burner. So it is time to dust things off and start incorporating more things into my life. Granted things will not be as vigilant until things calm down at work and I finally get some help in here but I need to get back and get motivated again with both writing and my spirituality. (not to mention all the other little crafts that I have going in the back burner) 
   I am looking forward to the move to Florida however with money being so tight this month I may have to make up for it next month. I really despise being to tight with the money but what can you do when business is slow for the main source of the family's income.

Aug. 7th, 2008


It's nine am and where is your motivation?

   I am stil tired from playing WOW last night. Surprisingly enough M* relinquished the computer reins and I managed to hop on and do not one but two SM graveyard runs. *gasp* Lies you say!  But he is now playing WOW as we speak and I am sitting here at the computer passing time before I actually buckle down and do some work. was talking with J* yesterday and her family really enjoyed going to Disney, so I am thinking that we should make the trip this year and take the Pook so he can have fun and experience it. Now of course there is the issue of budgeting so I think that we are going to go around the end of the year to see what Christmas looks like at Disney. Apparently Pook will be able to ride most of the rides (which I was mainly concerned about) . I am also going to have to make camping reservations this Friday ( or shall I say tomorrow) since we want to go camping ( I can't believe that I actually want to sleep on  a constant deflating air matress ?!) with N* and T*. We miss their company since they have moved and are looking forward to trying to spend some time with them. Perhaps we can ever have T* come as well so that we can get him out of this wretched valley.Well boss man is here so back to work! O.o

Aug. 5th, 2008


Wasting the day away...and other rants

  It  appears that this week shall slowly creep by since I am taking an additional day off on Friday.  Management was in today and proceeded to do nothing but itself back in the back room and talk on the phone. I wonder where the justice is that management is sitting back there talking to their significant other making 50k a year and I am sitting up here doing all the work and answering the phones for  a meager 12 dollars an hour. Am I destined to be the company bitch with hopeless dreams of the future? A future where I can stay at home and write full time (getting paid for it) and being able to purchase things without worrying if it fits into the budget. *sigh*
   I have way to much to do in a day and not enough time to do it in. S* is acting like a child again throwing a small tantrum because M* pointed out that all the problems she complains about are her doing. If you let a loser back into your house, who you threw out in the first place for being a loser, you really have not right to bitch. You know what to do about it so either do it or quit your bitching because no one cares. We cared the first couple of times, but after the 100th time of hearing you whine about the same shit on a different day  people stop caring. Go play professional victim someplace else cause there is no room for that drama here. Hell you are in your 50s fucking grow up.*grr*
   Well I should have some time to write tonight, which is definately needed. Life will be easier when we have two computers. I will be able to write without having to beat M* over the head for some computer time. I have created a monster WOW addict which the worst part of it is that I don't have any WOW time for myself. As demonstrated with my 31 lvl warlock and his 52 lvl rogue. >.<
  Off to do some more work.. or at least pretend to...

Aug. 4th, 2008


Passing time....

Well I am just sitting here passing time at work. Of course I should be doing other things but I still have the unmotivated bug.  There is always more paperwork (I swear it breeds like bunnies when I am not looking) and the never ending drone of the telephone. The monotony is killing me today. I have all ready spoke with management and requested Friday off for a doctor's appointment but much to my surprised they eye doctor is booked until next week. I guess all the little kiddies and teachers are getting their eyes checked before school starts. So I have a free day which should help with both writing and catching up with housework. Too bad I can't clone myself so I can do two things at once... Well I should get back to the paperwork so it doesn't reproduce like bunnies and my dehydrated corpse is found covered with paper cuts in an ocean of medical paperwork...

Aug. 1st, 2008


Wasting the day away...

   Well I have been completely unmotivated at work today. Perhaps I am tired and burned out of being the only person in the office and constantly having to answer phones and play catch up for the idiot who got herself fired. Honestly it amazes me that people think that constantly being late to work, always on the phone with a pseudoboyfriend and on myspace and not working ever entitles them to a job. Not to mention that I am less than thrilled with having to potentially screen new hires today. This is something I used to do and get paid for it and now I have this on top of my other duties today. *sigh* But thankfully it is Friday and soon I will be away from this dismal place able to relax and enjoy my weekend. I have been listening to the first Killer's album lately and it always makes me feel a little bit lighthearted with the upbeat 80s like sound. Well she is here so back to the grindstone.... 

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